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Windermere and youth care – serving homeless youth

Pictured from left to right: flame tree walker Johnson, youth care member & winder mere broker; jill Jacobi wood, co-president, winder mere land; Christine wood, executive, winder mere foundation; geoff wood, CEO & co-president, winder mere real estate.

How many non-profit agencies dedicated to serving?

For the past thirty years, winder mere land has supported over five hundred non-profit agencies dedicated to serving low-income. Furthermore homeless families through donations from the winder mere foundation. Because we’ve worked with several worthy organizations that give shelter, food, youth/children’s programs, emergency help, education/counseling, faculty help, scholarships, and different services to those in want in our communities. One organization that we’ve been honored to partner with these past 3 years is youth care, a non-profit in the city. Washington that has essential services to homeless youth. Youth care works to finish youth condition and to confirm that teenagers square measure-valued for an agency they’ve and scepter to attain their potential.

Three years a gone.

We have a tendency to kick off a campaign to tackle homelessness with the city sea hawks and youth care. Together, our goal was to bring resources to assist homeless youth move forward, and to inspire our neighbors and friends to require action. Winder mere committed to donating $100 for each sea hawks game defensive tackle to youth care. Throughout the 3 seasons of the campaign, a complete of $98,700 was raised to assist fund housing and residential look after homeless youth.

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Winder mere offices throughout the larger city space

In addition to the #tackle homelessness campaign, Winder mere offices throughout the larger city space came along every fall to carry a “we’ve got you covered” winter drive for youth care. Over 3 years, a combined total of over fourteen,600 hats, gloves, scarves, socks, associated with an assortment of different accessories and money donations were collected through the drives.

“We fielded a mountain (literally!) Of gave things from the Winder mere community,” same Jody waits, development & communications officer for youth care.  Therefore winder mere understands the ability of home. Which a secure and hospitable place to decide your own causes joy. Because we have a tendency to square measure. Thus honored to own cheered for the hawks and had this unbelievable partnership to tackle condition, together!

Operating to assist homeless youth

Whereas our relationship is evolving, we all know that united. So that we’ll forever be operating to assist homeless youth be safe nowadays and build a thriving future for tomorrow. Convey to you!” Although our campaign with youth care has come back to associate finish, Winder mere continues to actively involved in the non-profit. Flame tree walker Johnson, managing broker at the Winder mere Wedgwood workplace, maybe a member of youth care board of administrators.

Winder mere is proud to partner with non-profits like youth care, and that we square measure glad for all the generous donations created to the Winder mere Foundation, that modifies to still support them.