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What is Manuscript critique?

Identify your strengths, perceive your weaknesses, and write confidently. Get smart recommendations and unjust feedback to assist you to set your words along in an exceedingly additional powerful means.

The benefits of a manuscript critique

Get an in-depth editorial report on the items you’ll be able to do to seek out the most effective kind of your story, supported by examples from your manuscript. While common problems that an editor may embrace within the report are things like:

  • Therefore adjusting the tense or purpose of reading of narration cutting filler description or non-essential events
  • Developing, dropping, or amalgamating lifeless characters connecting story events to form an additional cohesive narrative
  • Furthermore ensuring that dialogue feels natural which every character includes a distinct voice suggesting doable directions for the story or workarounds for downside areas
  • Crafting intriguing openings and satisfying endings spacing events to heighten reader investment and stop fatigue

Tailored to your goals and your manuscript, the report may be a distinctive examination of your story and its inner workings. Therefore all meant to assist you are taking early or stalled drafts to publishable quality.

A 30-minute consultation has enclosed within the fee, providing you with the possibility to raise queries and/or get clarification on the report’s contents. Therefore consultation has often allotted by phone, Skype or email, betting on what suits you.

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Editorial consultation

Got questions about your edit? In fact, you are doing.

Get a follow-up consultation together with your editor when you have got reviewed your altered files. So that consultation has often allotted by phone, Skype, or email, betting on what suits you.

We understand how challenging it can be to prepare a manuscript for submission.

Publishing has arranged to provide support from submission through to publication, with expert English language editing, translation, figure creation, and figure formatting. With options for service models, pricing and turnaround times. So that you have the flexibility to select exactly what you need.

English language editing

Improve the quality of your written English so editors and reviewers can fully understand your academic research.

Figure creation

Help your research come to life in the form of figures, illustrations, and also other professionally created images.

Figure formatting

Modify or recreate figures to better complement your work. Adjust color, layout, and size to meet publication requirements.


Subject-matter specialists will translate your article into English from Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, french or also Russian.