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Pay Stub | Understand Your Pay Stub

Understand Your Pay Stub: You might receive the pay check monthly. And you might be contented with it but did you know that what worth your pay stub holds or do you really know enough about your pay stub? If not, then, this article is for you to equip you with the information of pay stub, what is it and what information it contains. If you have been avoiding reading your pay stub, then, take a moment, take out your pay stub from the drawer, start reading and understand it!

What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub or a pay slip is a document that encompasses the details of the salary or wage. Or it can include the details that how much employees are paid. A pay stub will be sent for each period and that period is a month most probably. It is a manifestation of your earning for a particular period of time, deductions from the total salary and the net pay after the deductions are been done. The pay stub is attached to the paper check when it is given to an employee. In case, the employees are paid direct deposits, the pay slip ought to be available online so that it can be printed .

It is a good practice if you review your pay stub and keep them at safer place. But if you have not been doing this, then, start doing it, this will keep you at safe side.

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Pay Stub Includes Information

Your pay stub has been entailing the information that you might know about. The inclusion of information depends on your personal experience and circumstances. Following are the few details:

The pay before the deductions for federal, state, local taxes or any Medicare, Social Security or any contributions  have been made. This is known as Gross Pay and it is what is listed while making a salary offer. For instance $ 20,000 a  year.

Then, comes to discuss about the tax bracket that decides the Federal Tax exhibited on your pay stub. The tax value or percentage varies from nation to nation and it can start from 10 percent to 49 percent. Thus, the tax you are paying is highly dependent on your earnings.

Not only the federal Tax is on your pay stub rather the local taxes are also a great part. It depends on the government that how much tax they set for the local states.

For more information about the inclusion of a pay stub so that you can read and understand your pay stub properly, stay connected!

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