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Make sure you check, correct or modify Your Payroll Details


Labor Accounting

Faculty and students who use tigerhubas well as HR Self Service can enroll in direct deposits, look up pay statements,

Change the status of tax filing, review W4 choices, modify your tax status and filing, obtain duplicate W-2 forms and


Duplicate pay statements.

What should you do if your pay check appears to be in error

Many departments provide information to Payroll, which could affect what you pay in your paycheck. Be sure to

Contact the department if think that the amount you paying or taken from your account was



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Disclaimer Contact us at the Payroll Services Team atforquestions about your pay, or to visit our site for more information.

Websiteforgeneral queries you can reach us. We regret that our team cannot offer advice.

Or for assistance with your personal taxes or help determining the amount of withholding to choose for the IRS W4

Form. For more information, please refer to the following page for help in filling out W4.IRS Tax Withholding Estimator. W4.IRS tax withholding estimate. To find

Personal income tax questions, seek professional tax guidance.